Over 15 years ago my father had the idea that he would be the next Ansel Adams so he bought the best film camera kit and guidebooks that money could buy. Long story short, as with most mid-life crises his interest did not last much longer than that week, but lucky for me his mid-life crisis led to my life-long passion for photography.

Having started in film photography, I've spent the past decade honing my craft toiling away in a darkroom and with a fully manual camera in hand. It wasn't until three years ago that I "left the dark ages behind" (as my friends say) and transitioned over to the world of digital with the purchase of my first DSLR. Even with my transition into the modern world of "instant gratification" digital photography, I still cannot help but pause to consider the lighting and framing before every shot. I guess old habits die hard. But in having that eye for detail as well as a keen eye for light, I have developed a unique style of shooting that involves natural lighting, capturing models in a relaxed environment, and having fun.

I pretty much got into photography because it was fun and gives me the opportunity to meet people at their best moments. Whether it be traipsing through a vintage ice cream shop on the weekend or wading through beachy rivers at dawn, I trie to imbibe a sense of fun and adventure into all of my shoots. After years of technical training it's nice to just relax and enjoy the art of photography for what it is with some pretty amazing people.





Miami, FL 


+1 636 751 3638

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