The Safest Driver




Problem:                                                              Baby boomers do not trust self-driving cars.

Solution:                                                            Create trust by offering an always available 'sober' DD for baby boomer's kids.

AD: Kalhu Jay  // CW: Christian Napolitano

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By having baby boomers install Uber and opt–in to The Safest Driver promotion on their child's phone, Uber will have the ability to pinpoint intoxicated youth in need of a safe ride home.


Running unnoticed in the background until it is needed, if the phone recognizes it's user is entering an atypical amount of misspelled words between the hours of midnight and 3AM, Uber with The Safest Driver promotion will launch. It then offers a free ride home in a self-driving car to the address provided by the adult during the installation process. 


As the result of offering their teenagers an option for getting home safely after a night of drinking, The Safest Driver encourages baby boomers to have a more receptive and trusting opinion of self-driving cars.