Copywriter: David Romani

Art Director: Taylor Roberts

*we have produced the print in real life and will be shooting the physical product this weekend to submit as well

(these photos will replace the illustrations)


We’ve become so self absorbed with all the wants in our lives that we forgotten that there are still people out there who don’t even have their basic needs. Homelessness in the United States has become a health epidemic reaching staggering record high numbers. There are currently more individuals who are homeless in the US than there are residents in the state of Wyoming. (600,000) With so many defunded programs in local governments across the nation, these individuals are left with no where to turn, but the streets. The majority of all resources that benefit the homeless are through the local government in your area. So with limited resources, it is up to individuals like yourself to take matters into your own hands and help, but how? Introducing, Shelter Inn. 

shelter inn PDF for MAS Awards Submission.jpg