Hey There!

I'm Taylor but I go by Kalhu (Ka-loo)

And these are the most annoying things about me. 

I roll my eyes way too much. I eat slower than it takes a sloth to climb a tree. Rain or shine. Hungover or sober. I wake up at the butt crack of dawn; Everyday. I respond to text messages out loud and then forget to actually text back until 2 weeks later.

Basically, I'm your favourite badass granny. ; )

And now that you know the worst about me, let's move on to my better parts. Check out my resume below or download it here.




Miami Ad School            Art Direction, 2016-2018        

Ohio State University   B.A. Int'l Relations, 2008-2012                                                                            


OneMethod                   Art Director Intern, Oct. 2017 -              

Saatchi & Saatchi          Art Director Intern, July - Aug. 2017        

Kalhu Photography       Freelance Photographer, 2010 -          

BJC Medical Group       Marketing Manager, 2014 - 2016                

Yadumu Jewelry            Owner/Co-Founder, 2009 - 2013


Adobe CC, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office Suite, Quickbooks, Baking, Finding Cheap Bars in Foreign Countries, and Smooth Talking My Way Into Free Food ; P