Hey There!


I'm Kalhu (Ka-loo)

And these are the most annoying things about me.

I roll my eyes too much. I eat slower than it takes a sloth to climb a tree. Rain or shine. Hungover or sober, I wake up at the buttcrack of dawn; Everday. I verbally answer text messages and don't realize I never actually texted back until 2 weeks later. 

Basically, i'm your favourite badass granny. ; )

And now that you know the worst about me, let's move on to my better parts. Check out my resume below or download it here.




Miami Ad School                      Art Direction , 2016-2018

Ohio State University               B.A. Int'l Relations, 2008-2012



OneMethod                              Art Director Intern, Oct. - 

Saatchi & Saatchi                     Art Director Intern, July - Sept. 2017

Kalhu Photography                  Freelance Photographer, 2010 -

BJC Medical Group                  Marketing Manager, 2014-2016

Yadumu Jewelry                       Owner/Co-Founder, 2009-2013



Adobe CC, AutoCad, Microsoft Office Suite, Quickbooks, Baking, Finding Cheap Bars in Foreign Countries, and Smooth Talking My Way Into Free Food ; D