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Art Director: Kalhu Jay

Copywriters: Cristina Marquez

LIDS has set the standard for the athletic cap industry for the past 60 years. Now it's time for them to take on the fashion hat-wear industry with their 1 of 100 exclusive fashionable designs. Only 100 of each of the designs will be produced making these hats instant collectibles. To introduce this line to the public, 'The 100 Class' social media influencer program will bring in up and coming names in music, fashion, and art to promote the line.

Each of the influencers were chosen because they are attached to larger creative collectives making them 1 of 100 themselves.

Let's see what the class can do when they're 100 strong.

If you design it, they will come.

Class is in session.

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Art Directors: Giano Currie, Mitesh Addhate, Kalhu Jay

Featured In: Ads of the World

#Project Red Fox is a social experiment that we conducted on 2 professional models with the purpose of capturing their raw emotions when confronted with bloody fur coat pockets. We used bloody hands, facial reactions, and a fur coat as symbols to drive our main message: "If models are grossed out by animal cruelty, so should you." This project would also be accommodated by an out of home advertising activation where people can share their support online.

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Social Strategists: Ekta & Benjamin

Art Director: Taylor Roberts

Copywriter: Christin Napolitano

Washe is a mobile car washing app where you can order a car wash right to your door. They were founded in South Florida and have continued to grow their business in this market but this summer they will be expanding their market to include Los Angeles. This is a social campaign to introduce the Washe Mobile app to the Los Angeles market.

The Tribe

Content Pillars

Busy Professional - Facebook Awareness Ads

Working Mom - Facebook Carousel Awareness Ads

Busy Professional - Facebook Conversion Link Ads


Working Mom - Facebook Conversion Link Ads

Adventurous Millenial - Instagram Conversion Link Ads


Art Directors: Kalhu Jay & Giano Currie & Alex Vazquez

We live in a world where everyone is tethered to their phones 24/7. It's gotten so bad that when you go to a concert, all you can see are the glowing phone screens of the people in front of you instead of the musicians that you paid to see. With the help of Desperados Inner Tequila Studio, we decided to take back the night. 

The Offline Experience is our app that gets people back to the music simply by encouraging people to get off their phones. 

Watch the case video below to find out how we get people to turn off to turn up.

desperados thumbnail.jpg

Art Director: Kalhu Jay

Copywriters: Christian Napolitano

Introducing AquaNegra; activated charcoal water containing unique social and health benefits. Proceeds from every bottle of AquaNegra are used to help areas experiencing a water crisis find long-term solutions, creating global access to clean water. As more bottles are sold, more help goes to these communities. As more help flows to these communities you'll see the water in AquNegra go from black to clear. Your water becomes clear as the community-in-need's water becomes clean. With your help we can achieve our goal: Clean Water for everyone. 

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I may be a millennial, but I still believe in the power of a physical portfolio. So every year, I put together a photo book of all my work from that year. This year, I decided to do something different and featured all of my TFP shoots and personal work that has helped me develop my craft.

It may not all be the prettiest, but it all tells the story of the evolution of my photography style. 

Click through the images below.

this is a photobook thumbnail.jpg


Some people keep diaries, I keep a design journal.

This is a design a day project where I create one new typeface a day to spell out my emotion for that day.

Click through the images below to enjoy.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week 6

Week 7

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Home of all my little design experiments.


Personal Branding : Kalhu Jay Business Cards

Lean on Me Poster Series : Being a woman is hard. Thank god we've got each other to lean on for support.

Miami Ad School educational collaboration with UDLA

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Business card for Miami-based nail tech artist, Dallas J Nails